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“Welcome China Global Webinar”

Offers twelve hours of information on China’s Outbound Tourism development around the world

COTRI is pleased to announce the official support of the ETC European Travel Commission for the Welcome China Global Webinar.

Mr. Miguel Gallego, Marketing, PR & Communication Manager of ETC stated: "We are convinced that the Welcome China Global Webinar will provide participants with very useful insights on the Chinese outbound tourism market."

ETC European Travel Commission publishes brochure in collaboration with COTRI on how to treat Chinese tourists in Europe

The European Travel Commission (ETC) and COTRI have worked together on the publication of a brochure on how to deal with Chinese tourists in Europe.The booklet shows in a simple and visual way the needs of the two main types of Chinese tourists: the package tour traveler and the self-organized traveler: What motivates them to come to Europe, what they like to do during their stay and even what bothers them about European people.

COTRI is the only institution listed in the brochure as providing training, information and assistance relating to the Chinese Outbound Tourism Market.

The leaflet will be sent to tourist institutions of all the EU countries and is available for download from the ETC website:

It can also be download here

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The October 2013 edition of the quarterly online publication C.O.M.I. (China Outbound Market Intelligence) was published on 15th October 2013. C.O.M.I. provides in-depth market intelligence, insights and background information about current and future developments of the Chinese outbound tourism market.

The October 2013 Issue includes:
• Events discussed in Chinese media&online communities
• Interview with Jens Thraenhart, DIA
• Analysis, effects and prospects of the Tourism Law of the People's Republic of China

Special Offer: subscribers starting with the January 2014 issue will receive
- a free copy of the C.O.M.I July 2013 issue
- a free copy of the C.O.M.I October 2013 issue

Please click here to find out more and see a preview copy.

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